A rapid, accurate, and reliable molecular assay for detecting Listeria species in food and environmental samples.

The Atlas Listeria LSP Detection Assay is a rapid, highly accurate molecular assay test designed for food and environmental samples. The assay tests for the presence of Listeria, a genus of bacteria that can cause disease in humans through an infection known as listeriosis. Species of Listeria bacteria have been found in a variety of raw foods, such as uncooked meats, fruits, and vegetables, as well as in foods that become contaminated after cooking or processing.

Compared to other pathogen detection systems, the Atlas Listeria LSP Detection Assay, which is run on the Atlas System, provides a shortened enrichment time and enhanced sensitivity, offering unparalleled ease of use. By providing a fast and accurate result, the assay enables earlier intervention and preservation of product quality. While other tests require tedious multistep preparation processes, the Atlas Listeria LSP Detection Assay has an easy 3-step process that streamlines testing for Listeria species, helping your laboratory progress rapidly from sample to results:

  1. Enrich—a single enrichment step with commercially available media; 24 hours for Listeria in Half-Fraser broth
  2. Transfer—no multichannel pipetting, centrifugation, or heating required
  3. Automate—place the transfer tube directly into the instrument and walk away



The assay’s simple upstream processing capability, combined with the powerful Atlas System platform, provides rapid, reliable results while optimizing throughput and efficiency.

It’s never been easier to get the results you need.

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Atlas Listeria LSP Detection Assay
250 tests per kit
Catalog #PRT-00255

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The Atlas Listeria LSP Detection Assay has been certified by the AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested MethodsSM program and assigned PTM certification #011201.