Prevalence & Semi-Quantitative Solutions Delivering Better Operational Control Throughout the Poultry Industry

Today's poultry supply chain is more complex, with stricter regulation than ever before. Maintaining high resolution to the manufacturing environment and subsequent interventions is paramount in meeting the new performance standards. Roka Bioscience and the Atlas Platform can offer a prevalence testing solution in addition to the Limits Testing application that provides the poultry industry solutions from grow houses through the storage of finished product. The Atlas System gives a rapid, semi-quantitative picture of the environment enabling better, more efficient, and more effective intervention strategies.

The Atlas System Solutions
Provides The Poultry Industry With:

  • Effective Process Control through innovative Limits Testing approach
  • Accurate Prevalance Detection providing higher confidence in intervention strategies
  • High Performance across a robust variety of matrices throughout the poultry supply chain.

Roka Validated Matrices in Poultry 
Ground Turkey, Deli Meat, Live Production and Parts Rinses


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    Limits Testing for Salmonella
    What a difference a year makes

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    Salmonella Reduction and Pathogen
    Detection in Poultry Makes Headlines

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    Numbers are Knowledge

Pathogen Tests Include: