Practical & Rapid Pathogen Detection Solutions to Enable a Seamless Supply Chain

From Farm to Fork, the Produce industry is continually challenged to deliver fresh, safe, quality products to the consumers. With the diversity in commodities, locations,
Produce_bynn.jpgand packaging, combined with the lack of a thermal kill step like other commodities, it is critical that the safety of the product is assured. Roka Bioscience delivers a rapid, accurate method that enables fresher to market product and higher confidence in product quality.


The Atlas System Solutions Provides The Produce Industry With:

  • Fresher to Market through faster results
  • Robust Validations across multiple and challenging commodities
  • Higher Confidence in mitigation and intervention decisions

Validated Matrices in Produce
Sprouts, Leafy greens, Berries, Tomatoes, Cantaloupe

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Pathogen Tests Include: