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Play FDA for a Day
Criminalization of Foodborne Illness & What you
can do to protect your company

When:  Wednesday, October 5th, 2016
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm EST
Cost: Free

Navigating the regulatory, legal and technical environment of food safety is a daunting task. Will you be prepared for the impending governmental "swab-a-thons"?  Roka Bioscience is proud to present Food Safety Lawyer Shawn K. Stevens of Food Industry Counsel and Mary Duseau of Roka Bioscience in a webcast to help food companies navigate the new regulatory, legal and technological environment. It will demonstrate how playing "FDA for a Day" with your own Self-Audit, under the protection of the attorney-client privilege mixed with better testing technology can help you safeguard. Register today to learn how to protect your company


  • Impending ‘Swab-a-thons’ by regulatory agencies in your facility require heightened vigilance and environmental control

  • The government is comparing the genetic fingerprints from your facility to the CDC’s GenomeTrakr database to solve unsolved illnesses.

  • Outbreaks, recalls and criminal investigations are on the rise

Will you be ready? Learn what you can do today. 

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Speaker Panel



Shawn K. Stevens 
FoodIndustry Counsel


Mary Duseau
SVP Chief Commercial Officer

Roka Bioscience 


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